Specialized in the design and manufacturing of outstanding watches, Hexagone presents its two brands, moog Paris et Tellus

Moog Paris Logo

Designed and made in France, moog is not just a watch, but a lifestyle concept. Our designers develop collections passionately, with elegant and timeless curves. Moog allows each woman to express her personality by combining scrumptious materials such as dazzling Swarovski crystals and Italian python leather in the latest fashion colors.

Moog won the "Prix d'horlogerie"award at the PrintOr International Jewelry show in France. The PrintOr jury of professionals and celebrities overwhelmingly chose the Time To Change collection among other nominees including Stark and Seiko, as the winner of the award for its aesthetics and concept.

moog, a new watch for a new day!




Tellus Logo


Tellus Stormer Watch







Tellus Watch SketchTellus was founded in 1926 by Wilhelm Ulrich, and has carried its dignity and quality through the decades, uniting experience and tradition in the craft of the Swiss master watchmakers. The Tellus brand presents two lines, most notably the Parentheses collection.

Parentheses is an original and innovative watch. Not only is it a top-of-the-line designer watch, it is distinctive for its interchangeable case. Whether in plain stainless steel or encrusted with diamonds, the case is streamlined, with five parts ; a sapphire glass face, a cylindrical case body, a transparent bottom revealing the automatic movement, and two interchangeable brackets that enclose the case.